Advance E-Commerce Platform

Easy to scale globally!

AI Based Search

Search based on artificial intelligence to give more user-friendly experience.

Search Based Scanning Products

Take a snap of any product and start searching immediately of what it is.

Placing Order through voice or chat

Customers can order through phone call or chat bots. Fully automated procedure.


FAQ Bot finds best questions and answers automatically from user contributed and official records.


Machine Learning Tools

You imagine it, we build it!

Image Classification tools

To categorize images automatically by vast variables.

Object Detection

Detect objects from your photo background, such as couches, tables etc.

Scene Identifier

Identity places like scenes with mountains, sunset, climate etc.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyse emotions such LoL, madness, sadness etc.

Image Conversion Tools

Coverting images to different formats or different scales, sizes, aspect ratio etc.

Article summarising Tools

Summarize articles above 300 words into 60 words or less than that.

Automated Image captioning

Caption images based scenerios, reactions, climatic conditions etc.

Personalised Automation tools

Automate your daily tasks by using our personalised automation tools.


On-Demand Apps

Customized on-demand applications.

Manage your recipes & share instantly with your friends.

Manage your jewellery & share with customers.

Manage events by using our events management software.

Share photos, videos, audio, gif with social network app.

Track you devices anytime.

Bluetooth printing app lets you print via bluetooth

Manage your passwords of websites, apps, securely with our app.

Stay connected with your home, office and devices.

Internal Messaging for your company/teams.